Keachi Acres is a peaceful get-away located in a historic rural community about forty minutes outside of Shreveport, Louisiana. Our mission is to provide an opportunity for adults and children to connect with nature and begin to develop an ethic and base of knowledge to live sustainably.

We are about 200 acres consisting mostly of woodlands and hay meadows. Visitors enjoy fishing, hiking through secret trails, gardening,  swimming, and canoeing.

We love to share this wonderful place with visitors through volunteer programs, summer camps, special events, and a newly launched Bed and Breakfast. Please contact Mary to learn more about opportunities to visit Keachi Acres!


4 thoughts on “About

  1. Mary
    enjoyed our visit so much. I’m sharing this website and I’d like to come see

  2. Hello
    I was wondering if anyone had information Or have been approached by landmen? My family has an oil and gas lease on the table but are very skeptical in signing. In fact most do not want to sign because we know this contract is very unfair. If anyone has any information please email me at shamorea.m@gmail.com
    Thanks and God Bless

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